Friday, January 27, 2017

Photo: Hold Your Men Ladies, Chichi Igbo Warns Again In New IG Post, But This Time With A Photo Of A Man

Lol, see you can’t just understand people of this life. Women, men, boys and girls openly condemn this lady. They say she is a lesbian, she is a man, what name haven’t they called her? Yet they slide into her DM and tell how beautiful she is, and how they want to take her to bed. Chichi swears she only posted the photo of this dude because he has got his pants on, that so many of them send it RAW and ofcus how will she put up such disgusting photos.

Btw, whose man is this? Lol, better look well to be sure he isn’t yours. Just gross! Grossssss!!! Lol. Her words below.. Hypocrites!