Monday, January 23, 2017

Police Man Loses 2-Year Old Daughter In Gun Battle With A Car Thief

A policeman raced from a restaurant carrying his two-year-old daughter who had been shot by a stay bullet during a shoot-out between cops and a car thief. Sofia Braga was injured as she had fun in a children’s play area at an eaterie called Habib’s in Rio de Janeiro.

In a distressing video her father Felipe de Souza Amaral Fernandez was spotted running in panic to a waiting car before they raced to a nearby hospital. But the toddler did not survive her injuries.

Her grief-stricken dad, who works for the city's 16th battalion, confirmed the tragedy in an emotional tweet, saying: "Friends of the 16th battalion. It was my daughter, it was my daughter.

"It was during a police pursuit. My daughter was in the play area at Habib’s and the bullet the car thief fired hit my daughter. She didn’t survive," he wrote.