Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Ray J Boasts Of S*x Tape With Kim Again Within SECONDS Of Arriving On Celebrity Big Brother

While he's enjoyed a long career as a singer and TV star, one of Ray J's most defining moments of the past decade has been his role as Kim Kardashian's sex tape co-star.

And as the 35-year-old arrived on Celebrity Big Brother on Tuesday night, he made it clear in no uncertain terms that he's far from embarrassed about discussing it.

Ahead of entering his temporary Hertfordshire digs, the bold American star yelled in his introductory video tape: 'You might know me for my music, TV shows and my d**k!'

And, just to drive home the point of what he was referring to, the younger brother of R&B sensation Brandy continued: 'Put some money in my pocket, you're still j***ing off to the sex tape! Enjoy!'

Wearing an eye-catching Union Jack shirt teamed with red trousers and black trainers - as well as some trusty sunglasses - he then stepped out onto the stage.

After speaking with host Emma Willis, he made his way into the house, where he'd already made a positive impression on some housemates.

However, given his unforgettable arrival, it appeared that Ray J would be making the cut, with Jasmine announcing: 'He looks like fun!'