Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Ray J Threatens To Sue CBB After Quitting Show

Ray J has been forced to leave Celebrity Big Brother after one week in the house due to 'unbearable pain' caused by a tooth abscess.

The singer was rushed to hospital with a serious toothache and is 'enraged' with producers for letting him suffer for three and a half days without medical care, according to TMZ.

In a FaceTime video, the 35-year-old said he blacked out on the way to the hospital but now feels ready to return to the house - and has threatened to sue the show amid claims he isn't being allowed back.

He has now left the hospital and is heading to a hotel after reportedly being denied entry back to the house.

Suggesting that he could return however, he Tweeted: 'I was having so much fun! - still waiting to go back in - fingers crossed! #cbb2017'.

His departure was confirmed after being announced at the end of Tuesday night's episode.