Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Someone Tell Joseph Benjamin He Will Cease To Be Our Crush

Loool….. Oh my days! So Joseph Benjamin thinks he is funny with all the new videos he splashed on his instagram page trying to make us ‘dislike’ him yea? LOL… Oh dear, have you watched Contract? then Silence? Okay I must confess I don’t watch movies, but I decided to watch two over the holidays and he featured in the two (the movies mentioned above). And just few minutes ago we ran into his post on Instagram (we just posted that below) only for us to take a better look at his page and all we get are numerous comic videos of him. Like for real? Please just stop. You are supposed to be our crush, a lot of women admire you, please don’t let us down LOL. Just remain the handsome Joseph Benjamin whose looks can fetch a million-dollar. Thank you. Lol, see one of the videos we are talking about after the cut. This was posted yesterday to wish his fans a happy new year, OMG WTF?

N.B don’t worry, he is not too far from us, he follows us on twitter, before you guys start the insults... Looooool. #iamdead.