Saturday, January 14, 2017

Teacher Who Had Near Daily Sex With 13-Year-Old Pupil Who Got Her Pregnant Is Jailed For 10 Years

A middle school teacher who admitted having 'near-daily sex' with a 13-year-old pupil has been jailed for 10 years
Alexandria Vera, 24, claimed the boy's parents were happy that their son stayed over at her house and even approved of her keeping his baby when she fell pregnant by her child lover.

State District Judge Michael McSpadden, jailing the school Miss from Houston, Texas, said: "We want out educators to teach our students.

"We want them to keep their hands off the students."

The judge said the sentence, which was reduced from 30 years after Vera admitted a lesser sex abuse charge, sent out a clear message.

 Therapist speaking on Vera's behalf told the court : "I think she was driven by being in love with him."
Investigators said Vera, who had an abortion , had sex with the boy 'near-daily' on an almost 'continuous basis'.

The case made headlines last year after Vera briefly went on the run before turning herself in.

She was released on bail and caused a stir when she was spotted jogging around the running track at the school where she seduced the lad.