Saturday, January 14, 2017

Terrified Family Robbed At Gunpoint Just Outside Their Luxury Home After Thieves Followed Them From Airport

A terrified family were robbed at gunpoint on their driveway just after returning home from holiday.

Four thugs leapt out their car and ambushed the unsuspecting mum, dad and son, after following them from the airport .

They demanded they hand over their possessions - before they grab their suitcases, a wallet, clothes and a laptop from the car and stuff it in their getaway vehicle.

It is believed the unsuspecting driver had picked up his parents from the OR Tambo airport in Johannesburg and then driven back to their luxury home in the suburbs.

But as the CCTV shows as they pull into their drive and through the opening security gates, a man armed with a pistol jumps out of a following car and follows them in.

He aims the weapon at the stunned driver and threatens to shoot unless he opens the locked door and then grabs the keys from the ignition and begins robbing them.

An accomplice saunters coolly through the gates showing no haste as if he is expected and walks to the passenger side door and demands valuables
The occupants of the car, believed to be a married couple and perhaps their sons, are trapped inside and terrified of being shot in cold blood do exactly as they are told.

As they hand over watches, jewellery, wallets and valuables, a third accomplice walks in calmly through the open gates to give neighbours the impression he is expected.

He opens a trailer hitched up to rear of the car and as the boot of the vehicle is opened the three men between them begin emptying a computer bag and suitcases out of it.

The getaway driver then reverses onto the drive and pops the rear boot of the silver 2016 Hyundai Ascent and waits behind the wheel as all the luggage is loaded onboard.

The three armed robbers have trouble fitting all the baggage from their victims’ car and trailer in and are seen forcing it in the boot and then jamming it on the back seat.

One of the robbers spots a wallet from the boot and steals the cash and puts it in his pocket.

The terrified family can do nothing but cower inside their vehicle hoping that the armed robbers will not open fire and watch helplessly as all their belongings are stolen.

In just four minutes their car is empty and the first gunmen returns to the drivers’ side window and warns the occupants to remain in their vehicle once they have left.

The shocking robbery is over in just over 4 minutes and the getaway car with the three men inside turns right out of the drive and races off in the direction from which it came.

The video was released on You Tube by the Crime Intelligence and Community Awareness group (CICA) in the hope that witnesses would recognise the car or the gunmen.