Sunday, February 5, 2017

Body Of British Millionaire Killed By Wife Returned To UK Minus His Kidneys & Liver

The body of a British millionaire said to have been lured to his death by his Ukranian 'Black Widow' bride was sent back to the UK with his kidneys and liver missing, despite evidence suggesting he had been poisoned.

Barry Pring, 47, was mysteriously killed in a high speed, hit-and-run while flagging down a taxi on a motorway in Kiev in 2008, following dinner with his internet bride, former lap dancer Ganna Ziuzina.

An inquest into this death last month ruled the IT consultant was unlawfully killed and there was evidence suggesting Miss Ziuzina, who was 19 years his junior, arranged his brutal death to seize his £1.5million inheritance.

Now further details have emerged, including that when his body was returned to the UK a week after his death, it was missing the kidneys and liver, and had been embalmed, meaning Barry's blood could not be tested.

‘British police have no jurisdiction, our Foreign Office has achieved little, and after nine years the Ukrainian police are no further forward.’

Last week, Miss Ziuzina's former best friend Tatiana Pereklita claimed the former stripper had 'no love' for the businessman and was not upset by his death.

'There was no love there. Anna [Ganna] just found a wealthy husband for herself,' Tatiana said.

And Barry was not a young boy, he wanted to get married. I think both of them knew exactly what the other wanted.

It is claimed a close friend of Miss Ziuzina was a senior officer in the Ukraine police traffic department at the time of the murder.

She was granted legal aid to fight for a major share of her ex-husband's fortune following his death leading to a bitter falling out with his family.

Now the inquest has finished, the legal battle over his estate is set to resume in court.

Miss Ziuzina, now 38 and known as Julianne Moore, has since moved to Spain with her new husband, wealthy British businessman, Ivan Lister, with whom she has a three-year-old daughter.