Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cheating Wife In Malawi Burns Husband To Cover Up Act, As Children Die In The Process (Photos)

A Malawian Revenue Officer MRA is battling for his life after suffering incendiary burns caused by his wife.

The man was on a night  shift (22hrs-06hrs) but suddenly felt unwell and knocked off early.
After being attended to briefly at the clinic, he retired home.

When he arrived at his house he found a strange car parked in his yard and his little investigations quickly revealed the wife was with another man.

The wife was shocked that the husband had come early and actually caught them in bed.
She begged for mercy and pleaded with the husband to forgive her.

But the husband told the cheating wife to leave his house peacefully.

The wife however requested to be allowed to leave in the morning as it would be dangerous to leave in the night, she begged.

The husband allowed her to stay the night in the house and slept in the children's bedroom.

Later the man woke up to a burning fire that nearly killed him.

It has now been established that the cheating wife attempted to burn him to death than suffer the embarrassment awaiting her in the morning.

Investigations point to a petrol keg from the garage she used to light the house.

The woman has been arrested for arson and murder of the children that failed to survive the burning inferno.


  1. This is so bad. May the children rest in peace

  2. Why can't you walk out of the marriage if you can't stand your cheating husband? You just wasted innocent children's life

    1. Kennie! Kennie!! Kennie!!! The HUSBAND did not CHEAT shey u hear, ehen *strolls away*

  3. OMG...Some women are just callous

  4. That's the thing with an extramarital affair. You never know when it will blow up in your face, because it definitely will. The most painful part is the innocent children whose lives were snuffed out. If only we contemplate the consequences of our actions before we engage in them...

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  5. Too bad, Wishing him quick recovery