Friday, February 3, 2017

Even Duncan Mighty Releases Video Says, #istandwithtuface

Tuface has been getting more support since doing a live video where he spoke on Facebook to Nigerians this week. A Governor, lawyers have all been saying Tuface and his team have a right to a peaceful protest just like it happens in developed countries. Port-Harcourt singer, Duncan Mighty has also now showed his support for the singer saying istandwithtuface in a video recorded and posted on his Instagram page.
In the video, he begged Nigerian Police to let the protest hold, saying a peaceful protest is to get the attention of a Government and asked that they should please never let there be any accidental discharge during the protest. He then asked Nigerians to share the video till it gets to the right authorities, so we are sharing. 😁 The video right after the cut...

#StandupforNigeria ACCORDING TO INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAWS, CITIZENS OF EVERY COUNTRY OF THE WORLD ARE ENTITLED TO PEACEFUL DEMOSTRATION & PROTESTS AS LONG AS SUCH PROTESTS DO NOT INFRINGE ON THE RIGHT OF OTHERS TO LIVE. ALSO THE FREEDOM OF INFORMATION BILL (F.O.I BILL OF NIGERIA) ALSO MAKES PROVISION FOR NIGERIAN CITIZENS TO ENJOY FREEDOM OF INFORMATION, EXPRESSION OF OPINION IN ANY SUBJECT MATTER INCLUDING NATIONAL ISSUES & PUBLIC INTERESTS. ALL OVER THE WORLD PEACEFULL PROTESTS ARE USED TO DRAW THE ATTENTION OF THE GOVT TO PROBLEMS & ALSO CHECKMATE UNPOPULAR POLICIES.. Pls to the police that is saying that the protest won't hold, hope u know our constitutional rights. My fear is since this Buhari administration there has never been any peaceful protest without loosing lives by SARS, army or police claiming is accidental.. Thanks DUNCAN MIGHTY SOUTH-SOUTH YOUTH/BRAND AMBASSADOR .. On behalf of South/South and Niger Delta entertainers .. Pls share if u love Nigeria #legend #duncanmighty #ph1stson #istandwith2baba #Nigeriafirst @official2baba
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