Sunday, February 5, 2017

Igbo Begs Akeredolu For Appointments In Ondo

Few days to his inauguration as the governor of Ondo State, Mr. Rotimi Akeredolu has been receiving pleas for political appointments from members of the Igbo community, Punch reports.

The leader of the lgbo community in Ondo State, Titus Umenweke, made the demand in a town hall meeting held with the governor-elect in Owo.

Umenweke specifically called on Akeredolu to appoint Igbo in the 18 local government areas of the state as coordinators, welfare officers, secretaries, liaison officers, among others.

He said, “The entire lgbo community unanimously agreed and resolved to come together as one indivisible entity under the auspices of Igbo General Assembly which will be coordinated by a central team comprising Emeka Opara, Nneke lkechukwu, Titus Umenweke, and others.”

In his remarks, Akeredolu urged members of the Igbo community to be their brother’s keepers and to be in peace with one another, particularly among their host communities. But will he?


  1. It might not sound nice. Anything can happen in the future and igbos will claim ondo belongs to igbos too

  2. did igbos that now want political appointments in d state vote for him?...bloody hypocrites!

  3. I hope he will put them into consideration

  4. My guy no try am ooooo. Yorubas can never be the head of slave in Igbo land not to talk of a councillor. People we demand no give authority they get Igwe.