Thursday, February 2, 2017

Incredible Mouth Watering Offer At Water Homes Estates!

Incredible mouth watering offer at WATER HOMES ESTATES! With N35,000 every month for just 12 months, you can become a land owner and eventually become a landlord at WATER HOMES ESTATES.

Our site presently selling fast is located at Ifo Ibogun, Ogun State.

Our objective: At WATER HOME ESTATES, it is our belief that everyone should have a roof over his head, hence our resolve to make our land affordable. Continue....

Knowing us: WATER HOMES ESTATES is a progressive real Estate company offering a genuine and affordable real estate services.

Our land is rancour free. NO OMO ONILE PALAVER

N350,000 Outright Payment
N400,000 in 3 Months
N450,000 in 6 Months
N500,000 in 12 Months
N550,000 After 12 Months

N175,000 Outright Payment
N200,000 in 3 Months
N225,000 in 6 Months
N250,000 in 12 Months
N300,000 After 12 Months

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