Monday, February 13, 2017

It Happened! President Trump Invites Buhari To Washington

Awww, shame on bad people. Lol, after Geoffrey York tweeted today that President Trump was going to speak to Nigerian President, a lot of people doubted it and even said Trump should do us a favour by speaking with acting President Osinbajo since the President is not home. The subs went on and on, lol. But it happened, President Trump spoke to our very own President this afternoon in London and even invited him to Washington based on a time they both agreed on. Hehehe it happened people.


  1. Shame on bad people esp. those wishing him dead

  2. Buhari needs to request interview-free visas for Nigerians travelling to the US during this visit.

  3. How can Trump call Buhari when he's not technically the President at this time. Does this mean we have the acting President and the sick president? Only in Nigeria!