Monday, February 6, 2017

Kendall Jenner Posts Sexy Underwear Snap On Instagram - Fans Mistake Fringe For Pubic Hair

When the 21-year-old posted a photograph of her curves in red underwear on Instagram, she probably didn't expect the response it received.

Along with the usual comments of worship, several social media users made a rather unflattering observation - that they had mistaken the fringe on her pants for pubic hair.

One joked: "Looks like Kendall has been straightening her pubes."

morganmfarrar simply commented: "Nice pubes bye"

To be fair, when you glance at it, it does look a bit questionable.

And it's not a place you'd usually see fringe.

In the saucy snap, Kendall leans against a car door holding a cigarette - she cheekily captioned the pic "no smoking".


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