Saturday, February 4, 2017

Kim Kardashian Shares 20 Facts You Won't Believe About Her

The superstar has taken to her website to share a list of facts even her biggest fans probably won't know about her.

For everyone who has ever had a brace and been stuck with a permanent retainer, you might be surprised to know Kim also wears one.

She also cracks her hands every single morning, and cilantro, mustard, peppers, blue cheese and red velvet are among her most hated foods.

The yummy mummy also admits she sleeps with her eyes open which "scares the s**t out of people".

When she was growing up, Kim attended tennis camp but almost got kicked out when she was caught snogging a boy.

"I love only hot rooms and hate when the air conditioning is on. I knew Kanye and I were meant to be when I slept over and he had the heat on,"

"I'm secretly the funniest person, but only in my inner secret. The things I say are wild."

She reveals she takes a pillow and blanket everytime she travels without fail, and also carries around a nail file and cuticle cutter in her purse and travel bag.

 "I'm obsessed with my nails and cuticles. If my nails are chipped or not perfect, I feel filthy."

"My dad came to yell at me," she revealed.