Friday, February 3, 2017

Lol! Deltan Wants A Protest In The State After Reports Suggest A Babe Went With Their $10m

Lol, just for laughs tho. Found it on Facebook. I just love Nigerians, I love us, we find humour in everything, no wonder we live long. Sigh! If na one state for America now, na placards everybody go carry o, till the money returns, no jokes!


  1. It's Georgina Onuoha; she's trying to divert attention by staging a fight with Kemi O. Georgina you better provide the money you laundered and converted for personal keeps

  2. How is this even funny. What the fuck is wrong with Nigerians. That's why your govt doesn't take y'all seriously. Instead of calling out the stupid Governor, y'all are making a joke outta some serious shit. What da fuck wrong with y'all.