Monday, February 6, 2017

Moet Abebe Starts Her First Business- A Restaurant

Aww the media personality famous with Sound City, announced this on Instagram. She says she has put so much into it and wants people to support her as her eatery opens today. She gave out the address and we would just leave it too as a form of support to her. So if you are around Bode Thomas, instead of eating at your spot today, why don’t you go to hers and support your girl. The food already looks yummy. She wrote;

I'm so excited about this stage in my life!!! My 1st business!! And my little take away spot opens today!!! If you happen to be in Surulere please come out and support me!!! Head over to 122 Bode Thomas for the yummiest lunch ever!!! I've put in major work into bringing this to life so please come out and show me love...😘😘😘


  1. I am sure most of her colleagues can't achieve this, her mum willbe managing it for her

  2. Please employ chefs to spice up your business because your fried rice is Ok but the jollof is not the best. Remove the peas pls. Do not garnish with peas but you can serve with peas! Got it? Anyway, congrats because you will excel! You can add more to your fried rice to make it, the best in town. Love the way it looks good!

  3. Where's that her boyfriend again