Thursday, February 16, 2017

No Thanks To Kim! Here’s What A Nigerian Teen Posted On Facebook

God will forgive Kim K, Lady Gaga and ofcus Beverly Osu too for her recent photo. So this girl thinks she is hot cus she wore a pink bra and knicker and had to show it off on Facebook.


  1. She must be thinking someone will call her for a modelling job

  2. Well that is where we find ourselves today

  3. Abeg this one just wants to be bad

  4. Ladun the people you mentioned up there are adult and mature enough to know, this one looks like a child who needs to be caned. What the hell is wrong with her?? This one go carry belle soon.

    1. If they don;t show their nakedness she won;t be doing this either. Either we like it or not, they dominate the internet and their lifestyle matters

  5. Is dis d best she could learn 4rm social media? Kim K, Lady Gaga n Co wat value(s) or lesson are dey passing 2 younger generations?