Sunday, February 5, 2017

Richard Akuson Writes On How Sad Tuface Idibia Chickened Out On His Planned Protest

Richard Akuson is a publicist, writer and One of Cosmopolitan Nigeria's Top 8 Nigerian Fashion Power Brokers of 2016. He writes...

I'm tired.

Nigeria has failed me as the Buhari led government has once again incredibly cheated us, And are on the verge of bullying us into silence with false reports. But what breaks my heart the most is how easily and quickly @official2baba left us all hanging dry.

I don't know what must have been said to you sir behind closed doors but I really hoped you had the nerves and sinew of men like Martin Lurther King, Nelson Mandela and even Fela Kuti to champion a change in Nigeria. I sadly believed in you and thought for once, a young Nigerian would be the change we need. But no, you cowed out of this when Nigerians, Nigeria, history and posterity needed you the most.

I just hope you never expect me to ever take you seriously again.

Similarly, my heart bleeds for other Nigerian celebrities with legions of loyal fans and platforms that turned deaf ears to this cause and at this crucial time when sitting on the fence is as good as standing with Buhari. @genevievennaji @realomosexy @tiwasavage @wizkidayo @davidoofficial @donjazzy and your likes. I especially kept refreshing your pages hoping that you'd post something that supports or hints on this crucial cause. But no, you all decided to sit still and let other Nigerians fight for us all.

I am deeply ashamed, especially of Genevieve Nnaji who I'd admired since I first watched her Lux ad campaign on TV years ago. For once, I really hoped you'd crawl out of your shell and truly stand for something. Alas, just like the rest you turned tone deaf ears. You have surely lost my respect.

It breaks my heart to say this to all Nigerian celebrities that have decided to stand on the wrong side of this fight as history is about to be made, my dearest people: Fame, beauty, and life are fragile, fleeting things, it's the impact that you create, the lives that you change and the social/societal causes that you stand for and lend your voices to that outlive you and your careers.

I wish you'd supported this with as much zeal as you promote your projects. But no, you have all decided to stay deaf and dumb.


  1. I don't really blame 2face though. I think he was threathened

  2. I think he was threathened
    if you cannot beat them you have to join them

  3. You are absolutely right Richard

  4. But 2face no try sha.. In as much as he has his reason(s) for quitting the protest, he should have known something like this would happen and then prepare for it

  5. 2baba just proved he is 2 faced

  6. U are also a Nigerian so U can pick up from where 2face stopped.

  7. Well rumour has it ,he was threatened by DSS..
    Don't know how true I said is a rumour....and also I watched the video ...he looks like someone who cried seriously... It's well Nigerians we are no 1 own enemy... May God help us all