Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Husband Who Frustrated Wife, Made Her Concentrate More On Business Which Turned Her A Millionaire

Can I dance? Lol, yeah, I need to dance first. Where are all married women who always feel sorry for themselves? Eh, my husband is cheating, I have been down, I can’t even concentrate on my children ( you say wetin? you can’t concentrate on your children because of a man? But his own mother concentrated on him while he was growing up right? Issokay kontunu the good work). I can’t even wear makeup anymore, my life has turned upside down, continue.

Come and see your senior sister here, the woman that knows whatsup, na she dey take bobo shine now lol. Btw, the twitter user is so good she needs to be on tv, Gossip Queen, lol. And I am too ‘excited’ and carried away, literally having my heart in my hands and can’t munch tweets. No I can’t LOL. Can’t wait for all of you to read this, hahaha. So I won’t be munching tweets, but will leave a space in between the tweets. Enjoy… May be this will change the mind of one man, just one o, lol. Continue from the tweets above….

The tweets continues;

The lady is cold sha make I no lie i was like whaaaattttt????

She was calm,full glam,expensive perfume.she drove her venza while her husband entered public transport because his car is bad no money

This woman started epistle on how they dated for 5 years before marriage.All through that relationship he was smashing different specs

She never for once attacked him rather she would take it as it's a man's nature to be like that as far as he marries her she is good

Well God answered her prayer,bobo married her and she is feeling oh yes I won this. Cut long story short he continued in his ways

1st pregnancy he infected her with syphilis in her last trimester she birthed through cs bobo was traveling up and down she didn't say

anything to him,nursed her baby and kept being the dutiful wife. He sha infected her with STI 3 times.the 3rd was her last she stoped

sleeping with him.she was dying of pain inside but didn't have the strength to confront him.well that energy she put into her work

Like Beyonce said your best revenge is your paper-na me add this part sha,but really that's what she did.mama started making money big time

Meanwhile oga had changed,pays more attention to the home but she was too deep into her cocoon 2 notice for real.ofcourse bitterness abounds

She quietly built her house,established her businesses,more like she was saving for dooms day. Meanwhile oga wasn't doing so well anymore

His business is flopping clearing agent thing.from 20 containers every month to if I see 3 containers in a month I will do thanksgiving

Well summary of all she laid her grievances and said she is not angry anymore but she wants a divorce. Pops and the man were shocked

I mean who won't be shocked you have been married to someone for 8 years and known them for 13 years.But it's like you never knew them

She wasn't such a brilliant person book wise and the man once upon a time insulted her for it ๐Ÿ˜‘imagine.
Well he begged mama said no

She wants a divorce and if he won't grant her one in peace she will drag him to court she has evidence,chats and videos his girlfriends sent

All their names and phone numbers....this woman should work for the FBI no jokes. She stood up and walked away

Even pops couldn't do elderly man in this one he kept quiet and just watched her walk away ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ he is still in shock

How she was so calm is what I still don't goodness I would have torn him to shreds if it were me.8 years of endurance

She still doesn't speak so well but her grace fam ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ she is goals.she has moved out of the 3 bedroom flat at ogba to her duplex in omole

The man still dey beg for now sha.i really do not know mehn this is really deep and painful

Bobo was like he knew he got STI 's but since the woman no talk he let it be. So if he got HIV he for keep quiet are what????


  1. She had the last laugh

  2. Will stay cool and stay @ the top even if leboo cheat
    thanks for sharing

  3. You can't give me std and I won't say a word.or was the wife having an affair alongside. The story doesn't add up there. There is a big u know the symptoms of syphilis..its worst than Aids. It can cause madness