Saturday, March 18, 2017

Aww Ibinabo Finds Love Again...

After having children for two/three men, Ibinabo got married in 2015 in an elaborate wedding and everyone including her, thought that was it. No more looking for love. But we were all wrong, including IB, the marriage didn’t last a year and woza she was back in the market again. Anyway, the mom of five has found love again and she is actually crushing on him so baaad. She posted the photos and tagged one of them, "to you my know you...

We can only pray this lasts. May love find her this time.


  1. What's there? She biurifu. Liz Taylor married 7or8 times, keh. Someday, she too will find the right size (konji) that will fit. Chai!

    1. The last part kill me....😁😁👏👏

  2. Cant you concentrate? crush my ass

  3. It is a crush. dont be on one sided love for your kids sake

  4. Isn't she supposed to be in prison?

  5. Hummmmm what type of example will u be to these kids? na wahh crash again its well