Monday, March 20, 2017

Blast From The Past: Shina Peters Afro Juju (Video)

Hahaha lol, while some are busy hating Shina Peters we bring you the video of one of his hit songs- Afro Juju. Oh dear, you didn’t dance this? Lol, I so much danced it and i can picture my mom calling me orente then (Little girl twisting her waist) lol. If you didn’t dance this, what did you dance too? Aiyefele so many years after? Ha sorry o. LOL.

Newyorker you here? Ladun's biggest fan? Olu@atlanta, Arike Ade, let's tell them how to do it jor šŸ˜. Even dancing now sef.


  1. He made so much in those days

  2. Tanks for knowing some of us never heard this

  3. Continue to show your age. I don't know who SSP is o. I be 16 years, I go dey be like this o. If you touch my thing o, I go tell Poppy o. Anyway am too young for this kain music. Gimme something like Haruna ishola, I.K Dairo, Oliver De Coque etc. lolzzzz- Newyorker

  4. Ladun, haters will always find a way to ridicule someone.

    Is Sir Shina Peters a banker? Is he a businessman or a musician?

    So, because someone started a bank with a certain amount of money, sir Shina Peters too should have opened up a bank or a franchise just solely because at that time Sir Shina Peters had the same amount of money which he, Sir Shina Peters used to build a house/recording studio.

    What a silly and nonsensical way of reasoning.

    What if it was the wish of Sir Shina Peters at that time to build a massive property which he and his extended family members could live in and part of which he could use as a world class recording studio to make good music?

    At that time, could Sir Shina Peters have been able to successfully run a bank or a big franchise?

    Should anyone, because he or she has the money, just open up a business that he or she has no knowledge of successfully managing? Or is it Nigerians that are 99.99% fraudulent and are business ruiners that one should employ to run such business on one's behalf?

    Michael Jackson bought a property which he renamed Neverland Ranch with a load of money, so Michael Jackson too should have used that money to start a business just solely because one nigga somewhere around the East coast of USA at that particular time used the same amount of money to open up a bank/franchise?

    Some haters just sit down in their little corner thinking they know it all, and just because they now have access to some cheap and slow Internet , they start spewing thrash all over the web just like the guy who felt Sir Shina Peters should have opened up a big business (like a bank) instead of building a house/recording studio, and not minding the fact that it might not be the wish/ambition of Sir Shina Peters to be a bank owner or a big business owner at that particular time.

    And, where are most of the merchant banks that were operating in the 90's? Have they not all been mismanaged and shut down? Most of the owners/CEOs of those merchant banks were in massive debt as of the time of shutting down those banks and some of them even went to jail.

    No one should be involved in businesses that one has no wherewithal to successfully manage, even if one is a billionaire, or else one runs the potential risks of losing it all.

    Ladun, yes I was around at that time and I did danced to Afro juju by Sir Shina Peters. In those days my cousin used to mix Kelechi by Oriental Brothers International with Afro juju and the sound used to be awesome.