Monday, March 20, 2017

Islamic Group Urges Muslims To Shun Alms Begging

Sheikh Abdullahi Bala-Lau, National Chairman, Jama’atu Izalatu Bidi’a Wa’iqamati Sunna (JIBWIS), on Monday called on Muslims to embrace farming to earn a living and shun begging for alms.

Bala-lau made in Gombe when spoke to journalists about his visit to Gombe State.

He said that the executive officers of the group were touring the state, as part of their efforts to sensitise Muslims to the need to be self-reliant by engaging in farming, as advocated by President Muhammadu Buhari.

He said that his advice to the Muslim faithful would aid efforts to boost their income and living standards in particular as well as the country’s food security in general.

Bala-lau said that if the people took to the proposition, it would also reduce the rate of beggars in the society.

He said that visit would also enable JIBWIS leaders to interact with members of the group across the country.

He, however, said that the organisation had instituted a committee to look into ways of empowering members with start-up capital to enable them to set up farming businesses.

Bala-lau urged the citizens to continue to pray for peace in the country and good health for Buhari to enable him to succeed in his nation-building efforts.


  1. The right thing to stop sure messy act

  2. They keep getting much day by day

  3. And they dont think well
    They still raise kids in that

  4. Good idea, It will reduce the massive of street beggers

  5. Pray they listen o
    Collecting from the street has not only been an habit but a tradition to them

  6. Let them be packed to the place where this will be done because they are not ready to work for nothing

  7. Easier said than done. Are equipment ready for them