Tuesday, March 21, 2017

MEET The Man Who Founded Alabukun Powder

The big lesson, he left home at 14. Lol. He was ready to be dependent. He wasn’t ready to be a mummy’s boy. Some people are still under their parents care even at 26! 30! Go out, get something doing, not everyone will be a CEO, but go out, away from Daddy/Mummy’s money. Go make yours!


  1. He did made an invention. #Proud

  2. Something that almost got my nigga mad when he sniffed it.

    1. Then your nigga should have just ran mad and let the world be

  3. I have not even been born.What a legendary?

  4. The world has changed. In those days, a young boy who hustles can make it. These days, grown men are hustling and can't even make it. Do you know the number of millennials living in their parent's basement now in America??? Besides this story ain't complete. We don't know if he went to live with a relative. -newyorker

  5. His indeed a role model to us all especially we the youths