Saturday, March 18, 2017

Photos Of Davido’s Alleged Babymama (The Mom Of The 4-Year Old)

Davido has said he is not responsible but the girl insists he is responsible saying, she isn’t the outgoing type and didn't have a boyfriend then, and it was only Davido she slept with. Oh dear, why does a part of most women feel she is saying the truth. Anyway, there you have her.

And to think another lady is carrying his baby at the moment, sorry dear. Try and stay away from the internet now. You need to be healthy for your unborn child.


  1. You have that courage of showing yourself. That good for you

  2. Gorgeous kid. A DNA test will prove who is lying. She should get one done abroad. The guy can fly her, the child and himself to London, get the swabs taken and authorise that individual results be sent to each party via courier. Although it could cost roughly £6000 for mum and kid's lodging etc for, let's say a week, it would save all of them the headache of not knowing what is what. Also, they are honest out there. Some may disagree but if Davido, potty mouth, spends this amount and it is proven the child isn't his, then it will save him another 14 years of a headache. If it is his child, may God forgive him and the desperate baby mami. Ladies, watch who you lay with, you may catch fleas.

  3. Davidos Nightmare. But if I may ask why this girl no just wait make davido enjoy his big break with the single IF ?