Sunday, March 19, 2017

Wife Floods City Of Calabar With Pictures Of Husband’s Mistress

Nooo, they didn't bring this to Nigeria! What? Lol, Ayam dead!! Wives are not smiling any longer. Let’s say, this particular wife is just ‘cray’, lol and won’t accept losing her husband.

Oh my! So a wife in Calabar has gone around to post the photos of her husband’s alleged mistress all over the streets asking her to leave her husband alone and go find hers. The poster which carried the lady’s photo boldly states;

"Beware of this home breaker Mary Agida. Mary Agida please leave other people's husbands and find your own". 

What will you say about this? Can you do this as a wife? Lol.


  1. She wet too extreme. She needs to cage are loosed husband instead

    1. Ha she no extreme ooo....
      When e happen, my dear, the kind of ideas wey go flood ur mind go break Guiness book of Records ooo

  2. LOL this is so funny. i love the concept

  3. Really you dont expect this happening in lagos

  4. Does that stop your husband from doing what he wants

  5. Women and their behavior
    this is rude even to her home

  6. What state will the husband be presently because he has also been put in a state of her nonsense

  7. Are you getting scared because you see yourself in her?