Sunday, April 16, 2017

Bisola's Baby Daddy Denies Ever Abandoning Her On The Altar

Bisola Aiyeola's baby daddy has denied ever abandoning her on the altar saying they never got to one. He admits having a child with her but says it couldn't work due to their personal differences. Olanrewaju Malcolm, who is an artiste manager and showbiz promoter spoke to Sunday Scoop saying;

“It is a big fat lie that I dumped Bisola at the altar; there was nothing like that. In fact, I’m still looking for the person who wrote that story online because it is malicious. We split because we had some personality traits that could not complement each other and there was never any marriage.”

Expressing his opinion of her conduct while in the house, Malcolm said, “I think she was able to go there, represent herself well and also showcase her talent. She was lively and full of fun while in the house and I guess that’s what viewers want.”

On if he had ever haboured thoughts that Bisola would one day participate in a reality show of that nature, he said, “I have always known her as a very talented person and she always goes for what she wants. In fact, she had been in reality shows before Big Brother.”

Speaking about Bisola’s closeness to Tony while in the house, he said, “She is a grown woman and whatever she did on the show is her business.”

He also said that their daughter, Leyla hasn’t really said much about the show, but “naturally, she’s happy that her mother won.”

Responding to a question on whether they would still get back together, Malcolm said “Everything still remains the same. It doesn’t mean that because she was successful at Big Brother Naija, we are coming back together. There was a reason for our break up, which is personality differences, and those differences are still there.”


  1. The truth will soon be revealed

  2. Wish you can get back together for the sake of your daughter

  3. Yes, thats how you talk about you baby mama in a good light.

  4. The bedrock (or what civil engineers call STANCHION)in marriage or any relationship for that matter, is the twin-plank virtue of TRUST & UNDERSTANDING. If you like, view it from all perspectives, the 'HIGHEST COMMON FACTOR' will turn out to be Trust and Understanding. So, the issue of "personality differences" is nothing but an egoistic submission. If they want the relationship to work at nobody's hurt or dismay, it is just possible. And, they will relish it to the shock of the 'spectators', as it were.

  5. Personality differences as how?