Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Chris Brown Under Investigation After Punching Photographer Who Documented His Nightclub Appearance

Chris Brown is under investigation by police for allegedly punching a photographer who was documenting his nightclub appearance.

The 27-year-old singer songwriter is believed to have been involved in a fight at nightclub Aja Channelside in Tampa, Florida, in the early hours of Monday morning, and was embroiled in the scuffle when the venue's in-house photographers kept trying to take pictures of him.

According to TMZ, the 'Loyal' hitmaker and his entourage continually asked the staff to stop getting photographs of the vocalist, which was continually ignored. And the final straw came when Chris was in the DJ booth and he spotted a photographer taking what was believed to be a crowd shot of all of the guests at the hot spot that all hell broke loose.

The photographer is believed to have told the publication once the musician caught sight of him taking another snap, he leapt over a couch and attacked him in a corner of the club.

And the photographer has claimed Chris has caused him to suffer from a painful jaw, although it is unknown whether it has been broken, as well as a split lip, and he is reportedly seeking medical attention.

Footage of the aggressive brawl has also been obtained by the site, which captures Chris - who was dressed in a red jumper - ran to the side of the stage and can be seen throwing punches, before being hurled away.

The clip also shows Chris' bodyguard, who adorned a yellow ensemble, pull the American star - who has two-year-old daughter Royalty with his former partner Nia Amey - out of the altercation, whilst somebody repeatedly asks the pair to "Chill".

Tampa Police Department released a statement about the incident on Twitter.

They said: "We are actively investigating an incident involving R&B singer Chris Brown. Here's what happened..."

The incident report reads: "During an after party event, Chris Brown and his crew came into the club for a 'showing' for which he was paid.

 Bennie Vines is a photographer for Club Aja. As he was taking photos, Vines reported Chris Brown 'sucker punched' him for allegedly taking photos.

By the time officers were contacted and arrived, Brown left the scene.

The victim, Vines, wishes to prosecute for a minor laceration to his lip. Medical attention was refused. Investigation continues."