Sunday, April 16, 2017

Corruption, Recession Will Soon Become History – CAN President

The President, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev. Samson Ayokunle, has assured Nigerians that the power of resurrection of Jesus Christ would not only end corruption but would also bring the economic downturn to a standstill.

 Ayokunke said this in a statement signed by his Special Assistant on Media and Communications, Pastor Adebayo Oladeji, on Sunday in Abuja.

The CAN president, who gave this assurance in his Easter Message to the nation, prayed God to bring to end the economic hardship facing the country. “I wish all Nigerians a happy Easter in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. It is a season of hope, joy and restoration.

“The Lord that rolled away the stone from the mouth of the tomb to put the enemy to shame will roll away all causes of economic hardship from our nation.

“Corruption will be a thing of the past as earthquake came to help in removing all hindrances to the resurrection of Christ for a glorious dawn to emerge.

“The God of heaven will divinely intervene to bail our nation out of economic downturn in the name of Jesus.”

Ayokunle expressed optimism that the future of the country would be characterised by abundance, joy and celebrations.

“As the resurrection morning brought a day of joy and laughter back to the disciples, the future years shall be full of abundance in Nigeria.

 “It will bring back our joy and celebration in our streets in the name of Jesus. “Our challenges of today will become the ladder to our testimonies tomorrow in the name of Jesus.

“It is well with you, our leaders at all levels of government and our nation in the name of Jesus Christ,’’ he said.

He therefore admonished Nigerians to sustain praying for the country and her leaders as they confront the challenges facing the populace.

 Mr Daniel Kadzai, the National President, Youth Wing of CAN, also urged youths to be drivers of peace and nation building instead of being accomplice of massive looting and corruption.

He also called on the church to be agents of change so as to help transform the nation from its present predicament to a better living condition for all.

“Nigeria cannot arise until the church decides to arise and take her original responsibility of soul winning, than too much emphasis on money, questionable miracles and dirty fight over positions.

“We all need to think of bringing a positive change in our various capacities because we can change the nation,’’ he said.


  1. And what does the bibles say about endtime?

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