Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Duchess of Cambridge Praises Her Brother-In-Law For Speaking Out About His Mental Health Struggles

The Duchess of Cambridge has praised her 'brilliant' brother-in-law Prince Harry for speaking out about his mental health struggles as she hinted at battling with 'mixed emotions' after becoming a mother for the first time.
Kate, 35, was speaking to Jamie Maloy, headteacher of Viking Primary School in west London, during a reception for London Marathon runners at Kensington Palace today.

Mr Maloy lavished praised on the prince, saying: 'What I love is your brother-in-law talking the other day, because that's just ignited it.

'Everyone's talking about mental health now because someone who is so famous and so much in the public eye has actually turned around and said something hit me hard, the death of a close loved one. And I think people have gone "good on you, because you could have never mentioned that."'

When he told Kate how Harry was 'a real hero to a lot of people', she replied: 'Absolutely. He's been brilliant.'

The Duchess was hosting a group of athletes running for Heads Together on Wednesday, the mental health campaign she launched last year alongside the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry which has been chosen as the official charity for this year's race.


  1. He deserves some praises. Harry is a good man

  2. More love for the royal family

  3. Harry's honesty shows he's truly brilliant

  4. Before nko, will she say something negative about her brother in law?

  5. Megan will enjoy harry because he is a very good man. I admire a man like him