Saturday, April 15, 2017

K1 & Wife Welcome Another Child

K1 the Ultimate and one of his wives, Titi Masha have welcomed another child, a baby girl. The couple who have two children between them, yesterday welcomed another in the US. While announcing the special gift from God on social media, K1 wrote;

'To God be the glory, my wife Fatia Opeyemi Adufe Marshal did it again, @ Exactly 11:14pm at St Bernard Hospital in the City of Chicago, State of Illinois, delivered another baby Girl.. Mother & child doing very well.. Opeyemi a new record has been set by you.. Thank you God Almighty. K1 De ultimate”.


  1. This man should just control his dick. He does not need any baby at 60, by the time the baby will be 30, he would have been 90, will he be alive by then?

  2. Congratulations but sey no be dis woman born that time

  3. How many children will this man have. The ones he has, he finished taking care of them. Selfishness

  4. Lol! New record??? Mad man, the only woman that has 3 children for you. All the others are just one and few did 2. Destiny user that you are she must have plenty that u are drawing from. Asari e matotu.