Thursday, April 20, 2017

Man Brutalises Daughter For Watching TV In Neighbour’s Room (Photos)

Olagunju Adekunle believed to be a manager in one of the UBA branches in Ibadan shared the very sad news on Facebook. He wrote;

"God,I can't just believe this in my life,i was driving to the office this morning and I've a reasons to make a call and before I know,I was out of call card ,as I alighted from my car to get a recharge card ,I sighted this small girl(Esther by name) be beaten mercilessly with his heartless and reasonless father.

Please where are the human right, who can be of assistance to help this girl out of her heartless father? I was so fortunate to interrogate her mother who told me that the girl went to the next neighbour room just to watch TV.

I took the girl to the nearby police station on our way getting there ,the girl and her mother was redirected to the nearby police station which is very closer to their house.

I called her father and I questioned him the reasons why he beats the girl mercilessly like that and his respond was very dishearten even he promises and threaten to beat his wife on her way back from work....Good people of Nigeria,kindly give helping hands as regard to this case, before it's getting out of hands."


  1. We need to stop child abuse in this nation. The violence is just getting out of hands

  2. Just imagine!
    Why will somebody do this to us own flesh and blood? CALL THIS NUMBER(08141395113)IF U HAVE ANY SCRAP,CONDEMNED,SPOILED OR ANY DEAD INVERTER BATTERY TRADE IT FOR CASH

  3. The person who is complaining about how a father should be disciplining his own daughter need to shut the fuck up and mind his or her own business.

    How the heck does a stranger think he or she reserves the right to tell a father how he should be running his own home in a country like Nigeria.

    If a father is not in his daughter's life, people will complain. A father is there in his daughter's life disciplining her and telling her where to go to play and where not to go to play and some morons are complaining.

    May be this girl has been warned not to be going to strangers rooms to play or watch TV but this girl wouldn't listen.

    By this girl going to a stranger's room or apartment to play or watch TV, was this girl not exposing herself to rape/sexual abuse?

    I am sure this Adekunle guy complaining see no reason why an underaged girl should not be exposing herself to sexual abuse, probably because he himself is a pervert.

    Ok, fine. Could it be that this girl was disciplined more than enough? Is it not better to discipline a child more than needed than not to discipline that child at all?

    If the father decided to ground this girl instead of beating her, would that be effective in correcting this girl in a society like ours?

    How do you even ground a Nigerian girl like this one who is on her way to turning to a hoe?
    Abi this Adekunle guy expected the father to have taken this girl's non existent toys and cell phone as a form of punishing this girl?

    Grounding as a form of punishment is effective only in white people. It is not effective as a form of disciplinary measure for African children living in Africa.

    It is either this girl is forced to see reason why she should not be hanging around where she could be sexually abused or she is going to end up being sexually abused and becoming another Maheeda of this world

    As per the mother, she should start listening to her husband or she can follow the likes of Adekunle home. The Adekunles of this world can have her. The choice is hers to make. She cannot eat her cake and have it at the same time.


    1. Okay. Are you saying this is right? Are you saying the punishment is not too harsh?

    2. The state has a right to curtail a father's excesses. or can anyone just kill their child and not be brought to book, sake of being a parent? oya over to u.

    3. Amaka, how you dey? Long time.

      Yes, this is right.

      In Africa there should be nothing wrong in parents flogging their kids as a form of punishment. This punishment is not too hash and even if it is, it is for the betterment of the girl.

      We are not white people and we should stop copying what the white people are doing to raise their white kids.

      Probably the father here over punished this girl but it is better to over punish than to under punish.

      As long as the punishment is not life threatening, there should be nothing wrong with it.

      This girl's punishment is not life threatening. What she has on her body are just marks due to the flogging she deserved and consequently received.

      Those marks would heal beautifully well with time. Trust me on this, Amaka.

      I bet you, this girl has leant a lot from this experience and she wouldn't be sneaking into anybody's room soon.

      Most of us were beaten as a form of corporal punishment at home and at school while growing up and majority of us turned out good.

      This girl's behaviour of sneaking into other people' rooms or apartments to do only-God-knows-what is how young girls starts and perfected the arts of doing "runs" as this is the main route through which most young girls are being prematurely introduced to sexual acts.

      This father should be seen to have done nothing wrong here.
      What else could the father have done after repeatedly warning his little daughter not to be sneaking into other people's apartments/rooms under the excuses of going to watch Cartoons or whatever.

      To Imade Odibo, as I have written above, the injuries sustained by the girl is not life threatening and so cannot lead to the girl's death. The marks are just due to small bleedings underneath the skin and they would clear with time, and if they don't and the injuries turned out to be scars, it is all good and would be reminders to the girl that there are repercussions to misbehaviours.

      We should all chill and allow this father discipline his own daughter.
      This girl is going to be somebody's wife and somebody's mother and so, must be properly groomed and raised.


  4. it is very important that parents monitor their children's movement owing to the rise in the case to rape and abduction, trust no one including neighbours. However beating should be the last resort, you need to sit your ward down and talk sense into them and back it up with bible stories, let them realise what they have done is wrong so that if they get caned for what they have done they would realise they were in the wrong and change for the better. there are other ways of punishing a child that would go along way rather than brutalizing the child, the more you brutalise a child the more hardened he becomes and that accounts for the so many violence we have around today.

  5. I understand that parents should be part of their children's life and tell them were and were not to go ... to protect them from danger but this beating is too much on her! The father should please take it easy on her and punished her instead

  6. A father beats his child and a stranger takes him to the police???! wtf...Young men are known to lure young girls into their room wt television I go with the's better to flog her than for her to be molested
    ...I had a similar experience when I was in JSS 2 with a neighbour who was already in Uni, cos of television watching, he tried severally to dis virgin me but I was always too stiff and tensed wondering how his big thing would fit into my small day he got frustrated and slapped me cos he couldn't penetrate...that was the end of my TV watching and oh! he used to rent very interesting Nigerian movies from a nearby film club...but thank God I got saved from being molested

    Those marks on her body will fade as the years roll by...not like he put pepper in her eyes or vagina...that would have been abuse...some kids are extremely stubborn, warning doesn't work for them and the mother in her ignorance does not realise the risk that girl is facing going to watch TV in a neighbours house but the Father knowing how animalistic some men are is taking steps to prevent evil from be falling the girl

    Meanwhile, how did this man get to manager with this kinda bad written English??? SMH