Thursday, April 20, 2017

Man Who Lost His Wallet At A Festival 14 Years Ago Finally Discovers Who Found It

Anyone who has lost a wallet knows how frustrating it can be. But one man saw the funny side after discovering that the people who found the wallet he dropped at a festival back in 2003 have been holding a drinking challenge in his honour for the past 14 years.

London-based journalist, Tim Burrows, lost his wallet at Reading festival in 2003 and this week received a message on Facebook from the man who found it.

The man told Tim that he and his friends had found the wallet and handed it into lost property, but not before taking £10 from it to buy as much White Lightening cider as possible.

From that day on, the group of friends established an annual cider drinking competition, which they dubbed 'The Timothy Burrows Challenge'.

Tim took to Twitter to share the conversation he had with the man. Tim tweeted: 'Been contacted by a man who found my wallet at Reading 2003, took £10 out to buy cider and held an annual drinking competition in my honour.'

The man, whose identity is unknown, messaged Tim saying: 'Did you lose your wallet at Reading once?'.

Tim replied saying: 'Weirdly just seen this. I did used to go to Reading. Did you find my wallet?'