Thursday, April 20, 2017

Olaide Olaogun Tells How Hard Working She Is

Many thought RTWO Fashion CEO, already left her 8-5 job when she started her fashion line, but yesterday Olaide shocked many when she announced she still has her job, despite opening a multi-million naira fashion line.

She says after closing from work by 5pm daily, she gets home, 6:20pm and spends time with her son for 30mins before heading to RTWO Fashion office where she resumes as the CEO at 7:20pm, lol. Oh well!! Her undilutted words;

'I closed from 8-5 home 6:20pm...spent 30mins with my King😢...resumed RTWO Fashion office 7:20pm...#Hustle#TiredButHappy 💪'

See hustle.


  1. Great. Hard right work pays...

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  2. And we need to know this because?

  3. She is one lady I admire

  4. I still always wonder why she stopped acting, I usually look forward to seeing her in the movies as she is my daughters role model

  5. Why did you stop acting I am a Big fan of yours