Saturday, May 20, 2017

Ailing Halima Takes A Swipe At Someone For Not Reaching Out To Her

Ailing Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar has taken a swipe at someone saying the person knows she had a major surgery and didn’t bother checking up on her, but he/she donated N8m publicly so people could praise him/her. She then asked her fans on IG what name such a person can be called. Lol. She wrote;

What do you call someone who knows you ill and refuse to show support or Tex,but gave out 8million publicly for praise馃槓funny life I say馃檶if you wanted praise?i would have printed your pictures and go on national tv to thank you 馃幀you asked ppl to check on me(am smart)I saw them and thank them2馃檹馃徎Show love and support to people ,regardless if you are friends or not 馃挴Don't show love and tears when they are gone馃檹馃徎some of you should change for real..your hearts are not kind#survivor2017 #thankgodforlife#alhamdulillahalways#thisisjustthetruth#MayGodforgiveourheart @bjayblaq


  1. Can someone ask @Halima to shut the hell up and just focus on healing

    What's all this notice me sinxe morning mbok?



  2. That is life for you

  3. What an absolute ingrate the girl is.

  4. Would them checking on you change anything, its better you know them now, and get hurt.