Sunday, May 28, 2017

Benue Government Builds 740 Primary Schools

Benue Government says it has constructed 740 primary schools while several others are undergoing renovation. The commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Prof Dennis Ityavyar, disclosed this in Makurdi today.

“During our last round of supervision, we discovered that majority of the primary schools were completed while work was ongoing on a few others.

“Our emphasis is to lay a solid foundation of education both through policies and structures.”

He also said the administration was discussing with the Federal Government toward converting the state College of Education in Katsina Ala to a Federal College of Education since none existed in the state.


  1. that is a nice gesture. but wish they will do well to maintain these school because Nigeria lack good attitude for maintenance. and thanks for the wheelbirrow too, mr governor. Lol

  2. Gov wheelbarrow. I'm beginning to think I do not know anything. Construct 740 primary schools? In ur small state? It would have paid u better to renovate and improve the quality of education in the already existing schools. It seems all u want to do is find a way to chop money. First wheelbarrow now 740 schools??? I don't think u r well