Monday, May 29, 2017

Death, Blood, Greet APC’s Primary Elections For Councillors In Oshodi, Agege, Orile Agege

Death, blood, stabbing and fighting were the activities that took place today as APC held elections for councillors in Oshodi, Agege and Orile Agege,

According to sources, no election was held at Agege and Orile Agege centres as fighting erupted between party members which made many flee for their lives.

Oshodi however recorded the death of a popular man, known as 'armburger'. While in Agege and Orile Agege many left with stab wounds they will have to nurse for days if not months.

Recall that there was also a total breakdown of order on Saturday at the All Progressives Congress primaries for local government elections in Lagos.


  1. APC and blood shedding
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  2. Failed party