Friday, May 26, 2017

Doyin Okupe Comes For Those That Called Him Out Over Statement On God

Yesterday evening, Doyin Okupe disagreed with Acting President Osinbajo when he said hardwork can make a Nation great, Okupe then replied saying God, fasting and prayers are the things that can make a Nation great. So many Nigerians then came for him. But now, Okupe has a response for all.


  1. He should keep deceiving himself, even the bible condemn a lazy fellow

  2. I didn't know Doyin Okupe is so Illiterate. It will take him a100years to understand what Osinbajo meant.

  3. Okupe is a lazy fat freeloader that depends on politics and government patronage to survive. How do you expect him to believe in hard work? That beats my imagination. They only pray and loot. Good christian should heed to Osinbajo's advise. Prayers and fasting will never prosper a nation, but hard work will always do. You can take this to the bank!