Saturday, May 13, 2017

I’m Not Happy For Davido- Ibadan Alleged Babymama

Here’s how Nonye Ben-Nwankwo and Ademola Olonilua puts the report.

Pop singer, Davido, welcomed his second daughter, Hailey, in America from his second babymama, Amanda. While it seems like the world is happy for him, there is a particular lady, Ayomide Labinjo, who could not care less about the new addition to his family.

The young lady had accused the singer of impregnating her about three years ago and abandoning his responsibility as a father. Even though Davido has publicly denied the child, Labinjo had since dared him to come out for another DNA test but the singer has refused.

In a chat with Saturday Beats, the young lady said that she is not happy for the singer even though it seems the world is happy for him. She queried why he would take care of his other two children and be a doting father to them but refused to do the same to their alleged child, Mitchell, whom she claims to be his first child.

Our lawyer has sent a letter to Davido’s father since April 20, 2017, we have not got any response till now. I am not happy about this whole situation. Why would I be happy for Davido? He should be taking care of Mitchell the same way he is taking care of Imade and I know how he is going to take good care of this one. What is my own offence?” she queried.

When asked if she does not feel that the way he treats them could be a possible sign that the kid probably does not belong to the singer, she challenged him to have another DNA test.

“What do you mean please? Then why isn’t he coming out for the DNA since he is denying the little girl? Why has his father refused to get back to the lawyer? David is the father of my daughter, at least I was not raped. I know who impregnated me! Besides, if he doesn’t want to go for the DNA, he has siblings. Let them come out or probably go the traditional way to know if she is their daughter or not.

“I don’t know and I don’t care about any ‘Americana;’ all I want is for him to take care of Mitchell. She’s also his daughter and first child for that matter,” she said.


  1. A big lesson to baby mamas. Visit for juicy stories on celebrities, entertainment, breaking news,and sports.

    1. What i see here is that if truely, thats his dauta, its because the babe is a No-Body asvfar as the industry is concerned...quite unfortunate..
      But time will tell...
      I encourage her to do her best and work hard....time will tell..

  2. You should take a sit,why are you just opening up now

  3. Mtchews. Focus on getting better life for your child without him. Prove to the world you can do it all alone.

  4. Who cares if you are happy or not?

  5. Babymama business does not pay

  6. Did you just know that Davido is not taking care of your baby after 3 years?

  7. Why she open yansh for him? Fornication is not a good thing