Sunday, May 14, 2017

I’m Who I Am Today Because Of You, Churchill Celebrates Grandmother

Tonto Dikeh’s ex and philanthropist, Churchill has taken to instagram to celebrate his grandmother as we all mark mother’s day today. He wrote;

My grandmother-The most nurturing, compassionate,caring woman I know who raised me from age 1. The woman who instilled in me the sense of responsibility and altruism, As i made cognitive and emotional leaps as a child growing up and couldn't decipher between left or right ... she helped me understand other people's feelings.

Trained me to truly understand the concept of empathy .This amazing woman became the mother to everyone at her work place,church and neighborhood, she adopted kids who couldnt pay fees. She provided the structure for me to take on philanthropy, which became a Passion for me. I am who I am today because you thought me the basic rules of politeness,Good manners, great ways to show care and respect for others. Acts of kindness and charity.

A woman of countless good virtues. Appreciate you #philantropist #mothersday #grandmas


  1. Ladun's biggest fan14 May, 2017 23:59

    Churchill's baby picture is how his son Andre looks now.

    1. Yes...

      Happy mother's day to all mothers, mother's to be. God will bless those that are looking unto God for the blessing of the womb. May we all live long in good health to reap the fruits of our labor.🙏🙏