Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Lady Takes A Swipe At Folorunsho Alakija For 'Refusing' To Disclose How She Makes The BILLIONS

Lol, the pained lady feels Mummy Folorunsho Alakija will rather keep telling us how she adores her husband than tell us how she really actually makes that money, lol.

Already she has gotten 814 retweets, which simply means many Nigerians agree with her tweet, lol. I am just laughing.


  1. But people should stop being ridiculous. This woman made her money from the oil block and she is still running the oil company. She has invested in properties in high brow locations abroad , why can't you people always read interviews properly . Because of her I am learning a lot the person should wait for who will tell her how to boil water them pour garri inside and turn it . For every interview they grant i.e. Alakija and Aliko there is a lesson to be learned .

    1. Dont mind them. Lazy people, they dont like to study

  2. Abi.. Make she tell us how she make am abeg

  3. Which foolish oil block, this one, ask Babangida about her money. We know the history

  4. Should I say Nigerians are gullible?

  5. What else do you want to know aside the fact that she's an oil magnate who invested wisely? Do you want the full details of her 'behind closed doors' deals? She's got no chill!