Thursday, May 18, 2017

MEET Britain's 'Throuple' Are They The First?

Lol, later some people will say this isn't end time. Wasn't something like this said in the Bible? If i hear... lol

Adam Lyons, 36, originally from East London already has a two-year-old son Dante (centre) with one of his live-in girlfriends Brooke Shedd, 28, and now his other partner Jane Shalakhova, 27, is expecting a boy (left). The trio (inset and right) have been living together in Austin, Texas for five years and insist that raising children with three parents makes life so much easier as they can spread the responsibilities.

When the new baby is born they will call Adam 'Dad' and both Jane and Brooke 'Mum'. The so-called 'throuple' sometimes invite a fourth person into the king size bed they share every night and have an open relationship, but admit they're often to tired out from parenting to pursue sex outside the relationship. Please see more photos below...


  1. Nonsense

    End time people


  2. The bible says two women will cling to one man in the last day

  3. What's the difference BTW this and polygamy practiced in Nigeria? Many of you shouting here have more than one partners. So what's the big deal here?