Sunday, May 14, 2017

Meet The Real Life Rapunzel With 4ft Long Hair (Photos)

A real life Rapunzel's 4ft long hair has made her an Instagram star. Lianne Robinson has more than 13,000 followers on the social media site and says she's regularly stopped by awe-struck youngsters asking if she is the fairytale heroine.

The 28-year-old full-time mum, of Retford, Nottinghamshire, has been growing her long blonde hair since she was 11.

Lianne, who is mum to three-year-old Faith, uses whole bottles of shampoo and conditioner each week just to wash her long locks. More photos below;


  1. Wow. So much in love with her long hair

  2. Just wish this is on my head too

    1. My dear Jummie, if this was on ur head hennnnn, heat for kill u for 9ja here oooo except say u be omo baba lowo wt AC 24/7ooooo

  3. Nice her, but this isnt Rapunzel like sef. 4ft aint close to 1/3 of her hair.