Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mexico: Veteran Journalist Killed On Busy Street In Broad Daylight

Well-known journalist in the violence-plagued state of Sinaloa in northwest Mexico has been shot and killed. He was shot yesterday on a street in the state capital of Culiacan, marking the latest in a wave of killings of journalists in Mexico.

Javier Valdez, correspondent for the Mexico City-based daily La Jornada and a co-founder of the regional weekly Riodoce, was shot on a busy street in broad daylight.

The veteran journalist’s body, with his trademark straw hat still covering part of his head, remained on the street as police roped off the scene.

Law enforcement officials in Sinaloa confirmed the slaying, and the state prosecutor told reporters that police found 12 spent shell casings at the scene.

Valdez, a father of two, was at least the fifth journalist killed this year in Mexico, which free-press groups have named as one of the most dangerous countries for journalists.


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  2. Too bad. God will rest his soul

  3. Never knew mexicans are so cruel to journalists. RIP TO THE DEAD