Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Moji Olaiya’s Death LEAKS MAJOR SECRETS Of Nollywood Actors Via Funke Adesiyan

OMG! I’m Literally crying. Gosh! Not crying about Moji Olaiya’s death and the drama that surrounds it now (ofcus her death was a big shock and it got everyone down, either you are in Nollywood  or not, she was loved). But I am crying that finally, one of Nollywood actresses has broke it all down! 

No she didn’t break it down in happiness, not because she wanted to, but ANGER pushed her to do it. 

She came online to criticize her colleagues who were asked to pay N100k each to bring down Moji’s corpse, but many FLED. Lol, she then said they are empty cans and only come online to show off cars that they dash them, houses they live which is been paid for by other people, lol, you think I am forming this? Let me cull out that part, hahahaha

‘All they know how to do is flaunt wealth that they dont have on social media. The house you live in is being paid for by others, the car you drive na dash, the supposed business you own, you are not making a dime from’. Oya read her full statement below… Hilariously true,loool. Dancing Iskaba, Iskebe Lelelele, Oh no, Oh no, you dey make me kolo oooo loooool.

"Life is funny. People are really not worth the trouble. The essence of being part of an association, group et al is so you can be there for one another in matters related to you all.

Its really a shame that many artistes came on social media, flooded Moji Olaiya's house shedding tears and when it boils down to extending a helping hand, many chickened out. Artistes were billed 100k each to bring Moji's body down. If 50 of us contributes 100k, we have 5million which is about $15k (medical rate) Many didn't contribute a penny.

All they know how to do is flaunt wealth that they dont have on social media. The house you live in is being paid for by others, the car you drive na dash, the supposed business you own, you are not making a dime from. My sister/brother, quit living large and forming rich on other people largesse. Forming oga madam on top nothing! You only have right to flaunt your own sweat. If not, siddon Jeje and make less noise please! We don't need to turn to beggers to help one another. We all could be one another's helper. If you are Moji's friend/colleague and you didn't contribute a dime towards helping to  move her down, you should take her picture down!

Thank you to the very few artistes, socialites, friends who contributed to save the day. May God bless you all."


  1. Showing off wealth that doesn't exist is mere stupidity

  2. 100 thousand naira. Where will they get it

  3. Common 100k dey can't give


  4. Sister you can't really blame them, there is a rationale behind it. Sister, times are hard o. There is real hardship in the land. 100k might not seem much to you but when you think am say you are asking for this sum to bring a corpse (RIP Moji Olaiya) back home. And you know the living are in danger of not having food on their table.
    Late Moji was loved but is not entitled to the 100k donation. Nor is anyone. Our destiny is in our hands, no body owes you shit unless you borrowed them money and you are trying to recover same. Granted I would have preferred people helped her but if they don't have or want to help it should never affect their ability to grieve. Or does money translate to love? People who didn't have money should have been given the opportunity to help in other ways. Also why levy people? Why not let them check their account balance and give what's affordable for them? Maybe they won't have run away in shame knowing acc balance is 40k and you levied 100k. Am I supposed to go n sleep with Alhaji for the balance?

    In conclusion, madam, change your mindset so you can grow. This mindset will never let you attain your true potential

    1. What u said now is pointless. Buh i giess thatz ur opinion. They still would have contributed even if the money they brought wasnt up to 100k. What goes around comes around and when itz their turn same wud happen to them. No body wishes death on anyone tho.

  5. Not surprised, pakowood yeybrities

  6. Hmmmm, what they do is borrow & pose. It's just a shame

  7. Well, she has point but in bad taste. Flaunting wealth that doesn't exist is fraudulent living. But on the donation issue it should be according to one's willingness. They don't owe anyone Shit.

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  8. Everything she said is on point. Bloody pretenders. I know they don't own aunty Moji anything but what is the point of calling yourself her friend if you can't step up at the time when she needed you most.Good Friends don't desert others in time of trouble