Monday, May 15, 2017

Patience Jonathan Spotted At Dino Melaye’s Book Presentation Today (Photos)

Mama came all out for him today. Good to see her again. More photos below...


  1. Fellow Nigerians, Senator Dino Melaye, and his co-travelers are doing nothing here but MOCKING us all.

    The only thing left for us as Nigerians is to revolt against these people and bring about the changes we so desire. We must bring our dignity back. It is high time.

    President Buhari is ill and does not have the stamina to fight these corrupt people.
    We have to take up the mantle ourselves and dislodge these people from running and ruining our affairs.
    It is high time.

    Just looking at the pictures here makes my blood boil where I am right now.

    Tables full of looters who have charges on their necks discussing how to stop looting in Nigeria. This is sickening.

    How did we even get to this stage in Nigeria where looters are now the ones debating and brain storming how to stop looting?


    We all need to set aside our differences be it tribal or religious and fight these people and take our country back. We have no other option.


  2. I dey hail for Naija. Politicians are hypocrite