Sunday, May 28, 2017

Rosy Meurer Talks About Adopting A Child

The actress spoke about this yesterday during the children’s day celebration and she says it’s not because she can;t have a child, but it’s something she has always dreamt off. She WROTE;

TO MY FUTURE FORSTER CHILD- Today my thoughts have been turning towards you, towards where you are today, tonight at this very moment. No matter where you are, I'm sure life seems big, and scary and out of control. I just want you to know that there are people who are ready to love you. Me, for one. On my end, I am getting a place ready for you. A safe place. A quiet, loud, musical, fun place. A place with fun, toys and most of all LOVE. I am studying and praying and staying up late thinking about you. I am thinking about how having you in my life will change me and it will change you. I will become a mother and you will have another adult in your life to "come home to" I will make new mommy friends. Continue below...

You will get new cousins. I will be starting something big and new, you will be ending something and starting something new, that is also big and maybe scary. Someday soon we will meet and I will learn your name, your favorite activities, your favorite and not so favorite foods. Someday we will talk together, probably cry together, fight together and love together. I will meet your mom and dad, you will meet my mom, unfortunately my dad is long gone but always in my heart so you sure will see pictures and our lives will become intertwined, for a season or for a life time. Who can predict where we will end up? One thing for sure you will be spoilt with love. NOTE: Not because I will not and cannot have a child but because I want to change a life and not just any but that of a child. It has always been my dream for many years now. I believe children are blessings and never mistakes.