Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The New Pinned Tweet Of FFK Is About President Buhari’s Absent Days From Work

Lol, no it’s not FFK’s words, but the former Minister has made this statement from Chidi Cali his new pinned tweet. Now. when a tweet is pinned, it’s always the first you see whenever you open the person’s page, lol. He used to have another one, but he has now replaced it with this.

But wait! E gbo, is it true? 246 days? E reach?


  1. Mtchews. He should be calculating it now. Mumu man

  2. This is what you will be doing when you are jobless

  3. FFk is still pained from d defeat of pdp.

  4. And Nigerian fans don't see anything wrong with it but bashing FFK?
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