Sunday, May 14, 2017

Video: Toyin Abraham Cries On Rubbing Minds When Asked About Seun Egbegbe

'Aswear' our actresses are drama queens! Say what? Whatever happened to Toyin on that set! I sill can’t figure it out. So Ebuka asked her how she feels whenever they attach her name to Egbegbe’s name calling him her ex and she went blank…. First she didn’t know what to really say, then Ebuka helped her by saying do you regret the relationship? then she went a few seconds and said ofcourse she does, afterwards she kept swinging her tongues, we got scared, prayed, watched on, and she still tried to answer the question.. she looked up, still no words coming and Ebuka quickly asked for a break, and we heard her cry…

Please watch the video. Still don’t get what happened there really. May God console her, if she truly regrets the relationship. Btw, Ebuka made a mistake by calling Seun her ex-husband, mbanu, na ex-boyfriend. Niyi na the ex husband.


  1. Obviously, its quite emotional for her. She truly regret the relationship and the guy must have hurt her bad.and maybe she hasnt found closure

  2. Her facial expression is so annoying. What's wit d tongue.mschew. Move on girl.

    1. Very irritating

  3. Replies
    1. I guess she was emotional... She didn't want to cry. Pele Toyin, it is well. I wish you best of luck.

  4. Laughable. What is wrong with her

  5. Nothing was wrong ..she can't speak English..she was nervous of gbagaun.
    She couldn't compose herself in English ..she wanted to say much but English wouldn't allow her this the pain...she always form that she can speak well but all these Yoruba actresses cannot express themselves in English even iyabo ojo ,dayo amusa etc even omolola used to gbagaun