Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Again! Notorious Badoo Gang Strikes In Ikorodu, Kills Husband, Wife, One Child [Photos]

The notorious Badoo gang has struck again in Ikorodu. This time it was at Olopomeji, Odogunyan area of Ikorodu. They attacked a family of 5 in the middle of the night with a grinding stone, with the husband, wife, and one of the children dying instantly. The other two children were rushed to the hospital and are said to be in a critical condition.

But wait, is it that nothing can be done to this notorious evil group? Where is OPC when you need them? This is not the first, not the second time, not even the 10th time. Where are security personnel when you need them? Knowing they operate at night, these people should be on ground. We don’t live in a lawless state for crying out loud. These people are just breaking laws upandan and no one is challenging them. Is it until they get to the Island where Government officials/their families live before something is done?. They are lagosians and they have every right to be protected, enough now. Another photo showing sympathizers gathered on the street of the incident.


  1. Well said Ladun. Thank you for speaking for the masses

  2. The truth is I am confused as to wat this gang are up to.we have not been told d real structure and gross of dis killing poor people their modus operandi wat did poor folks do to dem are dey robbers or assassin's or cultist why is it tht they kill with grinding stone or dey are ritualist a lot has not been sid and exposed about this gang.wat do dey want bcos dey are not thieves

    1. They are ritualists

  3. This is just so sad. Something should be done about this

  4. What is the government doing about this, it's getting out of hands

  5. Heart breaking! Rip to the dead

  6. Lord have mercy.This badoo must be stopped